Upcoming Events

The Government has published its latest guidance on social distancing in relation to COVID-19.  This outlines steps to reduce social interaction between people to reduce the transmission of coronavirus.

The Classic Car & Restoration show which was due to occur at the Birmingham NEC on the 27th-29th of March has been postponed until the 7th-9th August.

With the Government guidance in mind the committee has decided to postpone the joint Riley Rally which was due to take place on the 26th-28th June. Hopefully it will be rescheduled to occur in October this year.

We are also postponing the London to Edinburgh Run which was due to start on the 19th May.

We are monitoring the situation day by day and will continue to assess the viability of our social events planned for this year.

We hope you are all keeping well.  Do please keep in touch with your Club Centre members on the phone, email, Facebook, Instagram and Zoom,Skype,WhatsApp video conferencing.

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