MOT Exempt at 40!

Classic vehicles over 40 years old will be exempt from MOT next year Currently – Pre 1960 cars, the MOT test for pre 1960 cars was abolished in 2012 NEW – Cars made 1960 – 1978, cars in this age range will be exempt* from the annual MOT test from … Continue reading

dRiVe mY cAR

Hi , Something that maybe of amusement to Riley enthusiasts. It’s a music video called ‘dRiVe mY cAR’. A comedy Classic Car song about being true to your hobby while also being kind to the environment. A very topical subject with the recently announced evaporation of petrol motoring in the … Continue reading

EU Increases Classic Car Insurance Premiums

• Department for Transport (DfT) still hasn’t decided how to apply the Vnuk judgment. • Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) completed a consultation. • ‘Triple whammy’ of greater compensation payouts, raised IPT and Vnuk will increase premiums. • European Commission still urging EU to apply Vnuk judgement selectively. … Continue reading

Garel Rees

Professor Garel Rees motor industry economist, respected analyst and Classic Car Buyer consultant has passed away at 76, during his long and varied career he held the post of Professor Emeritus and President of the Centre Of Automotive Industry Research at Cardiff University. Continue reading