The Riley Motor Club provides a comprehensive spares supply service to its members and has worldwide product liability insurance cover.

Hello Members!
We would like to introduce ourselves to you as the new operators of Riley Motor Club Spares!

We are Mick and Susie and are delighted to have taken over from Bob H, without whose help the transition would have been a lot harder, so Thank You Bob!

Mick is a self-confessed engine addict, and spends his spare time rebuilding mainly air-cooled engines and vehicles and tending to his beloved Porsche 911. He is also a welder (of sorts!) and works as a spray painter for an agricultural engineering firm.

Susie has been around Riley cars and the club all her life and has seen various vehicles come and go from her father’s garages over the years. He still hasn’t allowed her to drive the Sprite though! Her ambition since being a little girl is to own a Riley Elf, something that will hopefully happen as parts knowledge increases.

We have a little boy called William who is 6 and showing absolutely no interest in cars at the moment, but he will be immersed in spares, so he won’t have much choice soon!

We have both joined as members of the club, and very delighted to do so, we may be calling on a few of you specialist members to assist at some point to identify the parts we are not sure about… the pile is growing slowly as we sort through everything! We especially need some assistance with 2.6 spares so please proffer your services if you can.

We will have all the manuals, books etc here so anything you need in that department please just get in touch.

We will be fully operational hopefully prior to Christmas, with several outstanding orders having been dealt with and members informed of progress. Our aim is to provide a service to you the members, that is both competitive and reliable, so that all these beautiful vehicles can get back on the road once more. Card payments will still be available, and the snail mail cheque still accepted. We will be changing slightly the P and P aspect to make it more efficient for you, but watch this space for that!

For orders or enquiries:
Email us any time at
By ‘Phone / Text / Whatsapp (please leave a message if no reply)

07412464634 (Susie) or 07817737179 (Mick)
By Post
Riley Motor Club Spares
40 Beech Close
Clayton le Dale

Please support us, we are committed to reducing prices wherever possible and making it as successful as we can for you.
I would also like to express our thanks to David Whittle, Mike Stanton and Tim Booth also at this juncture for their support, advice and patience with the transition thus far.
Hopefully we will see a few of you soon, take care and stay safe

Mick Fenton and Susie Sladen, RMC Spares Coordinators.

Two order forms are provided below, A version for Microsoft Word for you to fill in and print out on your computer, and a PDF version to print out and complete by hand.

Spares are available to members by mail order only.

Please note the prices in the price lists are for guidance only – please check with Susie and Mick for the latest price

MS Word Spares Order FormPDF Spares Order Form

Specific Model Lists

Coming Soon

  • Two Point Six

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