A great day for the Riley marque in Ireland

Tony Maddison (Midlands Centre) and Malcolm Pritchard together with our partners participated in the Gordon Bennett Irish Classic Car run over 3 days on the first weekend in June involving around 110 classic cars of all makes.

The first day was the ‘Mountains and Bogs run’ to Birr castle home of the Parsons family who amongst several achievements built the worlds largest telescope and invented the compound steam turbine.

The second day’s run took place over the historical Gordon Bennett route with many additional participants from local Classic car clubs, there were a number of stops where free refreshments were provided. The best car was judged independently in Kildare by the Kildare Vintage Car club and our Riley Elf won.

The third day was a run to Nass to visit Brian Kings personal collection of classic vehicles, the event was concluded with a barbeque and traditional live Irish music.
Riley was well represented by the Irish Classic car clubs.

The weather was excellent all weekend and the Irish hospitality even better. The Elf covered 1035 miles, returning 42mpg and didn’t need any oil, we used the Pembroke Dock – Rosslare ferry route.

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