General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR) and Data Privacy

General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR) and Data Privacy

The GDPR is the new law of data protection for the country and is in effect from 25th May. Being a Regulation of the EU it comes into effect in EU countries without any further action and it is understood that the Government intends that it will survive Brexit. Compared with the previous law the Club, as a Data Controller, is required to be more transparent in what it does and there are stronger sanctions for breaches of the enhanced requirements; individuals will have increased rights in relation to the information the Club holds; know how it keeps the personal information secure; how the information is used; and, the legal grounds the Club has for doing so.

Data Protection is now commonly being called Data Privacy and a Data Privacy Notice for The Riley Motor Club (including Riley Motor Club Spares Limited) has been written that provides additional details and to make it easier for persons whose personal information is recorded by the Club to find out how their data is used and protected. The Notice sets out the Principles the GDPR embodies and the responsibility of the Club as Data Controller for compliance. The Club won’t be changing the ways it uses the personal information. The main bodies of personal details that the Club has are the membership records containing information that has been provided by each member, particularly in membership application forms containing relevant data protection statements, and records of sales by Spares and of Regalia.

The Data Protection Notice is on the Club website.   The Club has a Data Protection Officer who can be contacted by email (details are in the ‘About The Club‘ Section)

GDPR updates legal protection of processing and recording of personal information and the rights of the individual and the Club will comply through its commitment to the terms of its Data Privacy Notice. If changes occur or are needed in the future the Notice may be modified and this will be communicated through Riley Record and the website.

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