dRiVe mY cAR

Hi ,
Something that maybe of amusement to Riley enthusiasts. It’s a music
video called ‘dRiVe mY cAR’. A comedy Classic Car song about being
true to your hobby while also being kind to the environment. A very
topical subject with the recently announced evaporation of petrol
motoring in the UK. The song is written and performed by Tim Bentinck
(aka David Archer from the BBC Radio 4 series ‘The Archers’). He’s
aided and abetted by author and motoring journalist Martin Gurdon.
It’s a cartoon style animation, with Tim Bentinck driving a British
Classic Car. I wondered if you’d be interested in forwarding the
link to your club members or linking the film to your website. The
Vimeo link to view or share the film is below, please let me know your

Drive My Car Video

Thanks for your time
best wishes
Richard Hetherington

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