Our annual visit to this event located close to Lake Ullswater, dawned with overcast skies and a threat of rain in the air, but that did not deter our usual group of stalwarts turning out for the show. We had hoped to include 3 or 4 new cars, not previously seen at Dalemain, but in the end, the only newcomer was Billy Davidson who had travelled down from his home at Lochfoot in Dumfries, with his recently restored Elf, which was looking quite pristine in red & grey. We have had a dearth of Elfs at our recent shows, so this one, first spotted at Moffat a couple of years back was a welcome addition; thanks again Bill. Gwyn Evans a Register Member together with his wife, joined us for a second time, even though he was suffering with severe joint pain; a valiant effort.
The heavy rain promised in the forecast had passed through overnight, so while we were left with just a bit of mizzle (as they call it up here) the ground was quite wet, although easily navigable. The show had some 800 cars booked in, with around 100 no shows”, nevertheless a good selection of cars right through the ages were represented; everything from Austin Sevens to Rolls Royces were there. Unfortunately the strong wind on Saturday took its toll on the gazebo, which will now require repair/replacement.
Norman Hamer


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