2018 Castle Combe Autumn Classic

We had three Rileys on our RMC Club Stand, organised by the West of England Centre, at the 2018 Castle Combe Autumn Classic race meeting, namely Joe Lee’s 1933 Monaco, Mike Overfield-Collins 1950 RMC Roadster, and Richard Nunn’s 1963 1.5.

There was a lot of interest in the Rileys and Mike Overfield-Collins won the Best Club Car of the Day on the Avenue with the Roadster.

He also took advantage of booking in for the track laps and so flew the Riley flag for two laps round the circuit and was given quite a few favourable comments about it later.

The racing was very exciting as well and although quite wet in the early part of the day it dried up later and there were some very fast laps put in as the drivers were trying even harder on a very slippery slightly drier track.

Mike Overfield-Collins


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