Riley Motor Club Spares

Bob Hodgkins our Spares Manager has decided to resign and to leave the position by February. This is because the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a very difficult period for his business and he has had to spend so much more of his own time working to keep it afloat. The Committee had been debating whether the Spares Company could continue with no person in the wings wanting to take over. Then Mick Fenton and Susannah Sladen stated they would be very interested to take the job on and as a result they were appointed at the Committee meeting held on Sunday the 25th October. Obviously they are unable to commence selling spares at the moment and their main task is to organise and move the spares from West Bromwich to Lancashire. They then have to receive them, make a stock list at the same time as the spares arrive and then place it all in some sort of order on the shelving some of which they do already have. More shelving will be needed and further shelving is on order.

So the Club would like to sincerely  apologise to those who have ordered spares for which they are still waiting. From now on, until we have moved the spares and Mick and Susie can get organised to restart business, if you have outstanding orders please phone Mike Stanton on 01225 858165 so that at least these will be actioned in the first instance on return. Be assured this changeover will be executed as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that all this work is being carried out in their own time by all those involved in the changeover. Furthermore, the Committee wish to thank members for their continued loyalty and patience. 

As soon as sales can recommence an announcement will be made on the website and followed up in the Riley Record.

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