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  • BMC 1.5 Driver's Handbook

    I have a reasonable copy of the handbook for the later version of the BMC driver’s handbook if anyone would like it for free.
    George Tolley

    Price: £FREE

  • RMC Spares

    Hi peeps,
    We have the following books, pamphlets and wiring diagrams for sale to members. All on a first come, first served basis, due to limited stock. All original. Cheaper than ebay, IF you can find them! All include p &  p to UK mainland. Order from your spares secretary.
    Please help me reclaim my attic and support your club!
    Pamphlets, mainly A4 size, originals.
    “Pre war 11/2L engines, part 1-4-J.A. Robson & Dai Agnosis!” 5 pages, 10 sides £7
    “Some hints on service, Riley 12HP Gearbox” Riley Record, Feb. 1941, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “Overhauling earlier 11/2 engines” by E.J. Levett-Princep, R.R. Feb. 1946, 2 pages, 3 sides £5
    “Dai-Agnosis & the Fifteen Six” by J.A. Robson, R.R. Jan. 1948, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “Back to the road-possible troubles & some hints” R.R. Jan. 1940, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “The riley automatic clutch”, R.R. Aug. 1951, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “The Riley 9 clutch & all helical gearbox” Motoring July 1952, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “The Riley overdrive gearbox”, Motoring Sep. 1953, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “The Delaney Galley heater for Riley cars”, Motoring Dec. 1953, 1page, 2 sides £4
    “Decarbonising pre war 11/2L Riley engines” Motoring June 1953, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “Keeping up the pressure, advice on maintaining oil pressure in the older car”, MotoringAug-Sep. 1950, 2 pages, 3 sides £5
    “Riley water pumps-pre war models” Motoring Jan-Feb 1952, 2 pages, 4 sides £5
    “Decarbonising the Riley 9” Motoring Nov. 1951, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “Valve timing on pre war Riley engines” Motoring, 2 pages, 3 sides £5
    “Tune your Riley for greater performance, Riley 11/2L & 21/2L”, by JBN Drury, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “Looking back-rear axles on older Rileys” Motoring June-Aug 1950, 2 pages, 4 sides £5
    “The maintenance of Girling brakes on pre war Rileys” Motoring May 1953, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “Brakes on post war Rileys” Motoring Sept-Oct. 1951, 2 pages, 4 sides £5
    “Decarbonising Riley 6 cylinder engines” Motoring March 1954, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “Pre war Riley steering” Motoring June 1951, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “The rear axle” Riley Record, 2 pages, 4 sides £5
    “Riley cable brakes” Motoring May 1951, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    “The Riley Sprite-technical data” Motoring Aug. 1953, 1 page, 2 sides £4
    More to follow!
    Bob Hodgkins

    Phone: 01215561602

  • 1622cc Engine

    Complete 1622cc engine and gearbox with all ancillaries for Riley 4/72
    Was running well when removed from the car.
    Why not uprate your Riley One-Point-Five?
    Chris Aldis

    Phone: 01264 735254

    Price: £250

  • Riley 1.5 For Sale

    I am not using the car as much as I would like so thinking of selling, to good home.

    The car reg is DNL 344B it is in white and blue. It is a ‘turn key’ car the mechanical side is pretty good I would happy to drive anywhere in it. It has had service items changed and new hoses rear shoes seals and tyres.

    The interior is in green ( not sure if that is correct) but it in good condition with newish carpets. The paint is ok from 30′ away but is a bit flat, but the body is pretty solid a bit of rust poking through on front wings by door which is quite usual, as you will know. The chrome is in excellent condition especially the grille surround. I have done some recent wax oiling but it was always protected (heavy use of red oxide underneath).

    Overall this car could be used every day as is or bought with the intention of improving the paint in due course. I would never have changed the paint condition myself as I like it as it is.

    It will come with a years MOT from next week. I do have a NOS clutch for it and a few other spares, plus quite a bit of history. The car was bought from Simon Percival Motors (Kent).

    I am looking for £4500 ono, as you know these are pretty rare now, and it is difficult to find a car that is complete, if I do not sell it then I will keep it and try and use it more as that swhat it needs.

    As I said before I would prefer to pass it on to a Riley fan rather than someone who may want to sell it on or similar.

    Thanks for your help,
    Regards Steve
    Car is located near Heathrow

    Email: stevegodman24@hotmail.co.uk

    Price: £4,500

  • Riley Hub Covers

    Four Riley 4/72 / 1.5 / 4/68 Hub Covers
    Have been in storage for nearly 40 years
    Never fitted to a vehicle
    Roy Barton
    Tunbridge Wells

    Phone: 07740 994531

    Price: £200

  • 1961 Riley One-Point-Five

    Colour Maroon with two tone red interior
    MOT to July
    Body work & Interior in good condition.
    Stourbridge area.

    email marionalexander@outlook.com
    She was filmed last year in a Bugsy Malone production!

    Phone: 01384 442695

    Price: £3,500

  • RMA Spares

    Quite a large quantity of RMA Spares. Too many in fact to list here. There are over 70 items in total, which range from a complete engine & gearbox, plus parts, through to instruments off the dashboard. If anyone has a spare chassis, I think there may just be enough parts to complete the job!
    Should you wish to make contact, just ring Chris

    Phone: 07803240516

  • 4/72 Breaking

    I have a Riley 4/72 which is in a very poor state, but would yield many good spares-I can break it or sell the whole as is.Car registration is at PH1 3EE. Tony Allen

    Phone: 07730 884737

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